EyeMirage App

EyeMirage App

EyeMirage Mobile App is the ultimate companion to the EyeMirage Headset, available for both Android and iOS platforms. It offers a wide range of visual tests, including Visual Acuity, Colour Vision, Visual Field, Self-Paced Saccade, and Convergence Tests.

Core Functionalities

Visual Acuity

Visual Acuity test is used to determine the smallest letters you can read on a standardized chart. With EyeMirage you can test your vision the same way you get tested at your doctor’s office.

Automated Visual Field

Visual Field test measure how wide of an area your eyes can see when you focus on a central point. The visual field test is one way to measure how much vision you have in either eye, and how much vision loss may have occurred.  EyeMirage has a sophisticated design that can assess  visual fields in each eye separately and together.

Colour Vision

Colour vision test will check your ability to distinguish between different colours. This test will diagnose if you have poor colour vision or colour blindness. Testing color vision is important in diagnosing many conditions, such as color blindness, optic nerve diseases due to multiple sclerosis, trauma, etc. EyeMirage can evaluate your color vision within a few minutes.

Self Paced Saccades

Self Paced Saccades test can evaluate eye movements and its connection to the brain.

Eye movements can change as a result of concussion and traumatic brain injury. EyeMirage has the capability to measure these changes and provide an objective measure for diagnosis of concussion. The results will display on your cell phone as normal, borderline or abnormal.


Convergence test measures the distance from your eyes to where both eyes can focus at a near object without double vision.

Concussion can affect your eye’s ability to work together. Our device and app, is able to evaluate concomitant function of both eyes.

Other Functionalities

Personalized Profiles and Health Records

Create and manage your user profile, store health history, and access test results conveniently within the app.

Easy Appointment Booking

Schedule appointments with eye care professionals directly through the app for expert guidance and support.

Comprehensive Tutorials

Access in-app tutorials to learn how to perform tests with the app and EyeMirage Headset efficiently.

Sync for Dual-Phone Mode

Utilize the sync function to pair two phones effortlessly, capturing and processing both eyes’ movements during dual-phone mode tests. Witness quick results with our innovative algorithms.