EyeMirage Device

EyeMirage Device

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What is EyeMirage?

Our company has invented a device that makes virtual eye exams a reality.

Unlike other devices, EyeMirage can assess different aspects of visual function with your own cell phone.

It is portable, it is cost effective.


Experience the future of eye-tracking with EyeMirage!

Dual-Lens Frontage

Explore immersive eye-tracking with two high-quality lenses.

Synchronization Mode

Run the EyeMirage app on both smartphones for a synchronized, captivating experience.

Dual-Smartphone Compatibility

EyeMirage accommodates two smartphones, one for each eye, ensuring precision eye movement capture.

Custom Smartphone Cases

EyeMirage’s cases secure your smartphones while allowing front cameras to capture eye movements.

Dual-Screen Innovation

Two smartphones create dual screens, providing visuals to one eye while tracking the other’s movements.